Embrace digital transformation and turn today's changes into tomorrow's opportunities.

Shaping the future

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Our engagement goes beyond traditional consultancy, delving deep into real-time collaborative innovation with key customers, dissecting and disrupting the norm to create a wave of forward-thinking strategies and solutions.

Innovation consultancy

Exploring uncharted territories to uncover vertical and horizontal business opportunities for tech companies and public organizations. A unique approach is employed to challenge core business models, ensuring clients remain ahead in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Interim Leadership

Dynamic interim leadership is provided for pivotal transformation periods. Experts deliver swift, strategic support for both short-term and long-term assignments, ensuring seamless leadership transitions and sustained momentum during times of change.

Technology Development

Specializing in driving digital transformation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to innovate and redefine business processes. This expertise ensures clients not only keep up but also lead the way in the digital era.


Through our tailored approach, we provide a unique lens to explore and exploit untapped potentials, ensuring our client is always at the helm of industry advancements.

01. Discovery & Analysis

New projects often begin with a comprehensive analysis of the organization's current state, challenges, and opportunities. This phase involves in-depth research and stakeholder interviews to build a thorough understanding of unique situations. In ongoing projects, integration into existing frameworks occurs seamlessly, providing fresh insights and strategic guidance.

02. Strategy & Co-Creation

This phase concentrates on developing strategies tailored to organizational objectives. Collaborative ideation with client teams ensures solutions are innovative and aligned. Flexibility in either leading this process or enriching existing strategies with expertise is a key aspect.

03. Implementation & Optimization

The final step involves either spearheading the execution of new strategies or supporting the optimization of current initiatives. Characterized by agility and responsiveness, this approach ensures effective implementation and the ability to adjust in real-time based on feedback and market changes.

"We believe in placing people at the heart of digital transformation, ensuring solutions with meaningful impact."

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Nexus Adapt partners with a diverse range of clients, encompassing both public institutions and private corporations. Our clientele includes large-scale conglomerates and organizations seeking innovative, strategic solutions to navigate and shape the future of their industries.


Expert core team

Our team comprises a rare blend of technologists, strategists, and human-centered design- and organizational experts, dedicated to unraveling complex challenges and crafting groundbreaking solutions.

Extended network

Our network extends into academia, industry experts, and strategic partnerships, creating a rich ecosystem of knowledge and expertise.


Under visionary leadership, we are not just consultants; we are partners in our client's journey towards pioneering the future of their segments.



Together, 'Nexus Adapt' stands for our dedication to being the crucial link between the present and a more adaptive, innovative future.

Born from the roots of Conceptmaking, our foundation in turning abstract ideas into concrete realities has evolved. Nexus Adapt represents our broadened horizon, focusing on organizational and technology development to steer businesses toward transformative success and innovation.

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